Good As New offers a variety of services that can restore or enhance the look of your bath, shower, tile, countertop and other surfaces. Click on any of the pictures below to find out more.

Blue bathroom good as new los angeles reglazing

Tub, Shower and Sink

Our bathtubs, showers, and sinks serve a very important function. A stained, chipped, cracked, or plain old ugly fixture can really detract from the feeling of comfort and happiness you want to create in your home.     Don’t worry! You DON’T have to replace the entire fixture! Let’s take a look at all the […]

Reglaze Tile Cheap Los Angeles

Tile, Countertop Repair, and More

Tile reglazing There is no better way to update the entire look and feel of your kitchen or bathroom, than to give your old tiles a new look. We can fix and resurface tile to any color of your choice. Tile refinishing is a great solution for your remodeling project, because of the affordability, convenience, and durability. Unlike […]

Lotus Flower Stencil Patterned Tile

Stencil Decoration

  At Good As New we know bathroom and kitchen renovation – and our goal is to help you totally transform your space on a budget. Now, we can help you add decorative elements to a variety of surfaces in any room in your home!  Why use good as new for decorative and stenciled elements? Stenciled […]


We recommend reglazing when a color change or super high gloss finish is desired on the tub, sink, countertop or tile wall. This is an economical way to have the look of a new surface without the big bucks to replace it. We use top of the line coatings – the same ones used on […]

Change the color of your bathtub or sink with ease!

Color Change

Many vintage bathrooms in the Los Angeles area feature rather striking color sinks and bathtubs. We CAN change these fixtures to a bright, modern white without having to replace! However, we here at Good As New, also support those who want to embrace that retro color and want to “Save the Pink Bathrooms“! CLASSIC WHITE OR RETRO COLOR? Many […]


Reconditioning is a different process of restoring the surface than reglazing. We chemically remove stains, rust, and discolorations, smooth out any rough areas and buff. There is no bad smell. Your tub or sink will be white and bright and can be used immediately. We recommend it for most rentals because it is economical and doesn’t […]

Surface Repair

We can save you a lot of money now and in the future by repairing the chips, cracks or holes without having to reglaze the whole tub, shower, sink, counter top or tile. We are experts at color matching. Many of our competitors do a complete reglaze when all you need is a small spot […]