Good As New Bathtub Reglazing in Orange County, CA

Refinish Bathtub in Orange County, CA

We can change the color of your bathtub or sink! Whether you prefer to recolor white or refurbish your retro color fixture to polish its original glow, we can do all that and more for your home renovation project in Orange County!

Looking for an affordable kitchen or bathroom renovation service in Orange County? We are the trusted name for bathtub reglazing and more in OC. Our services are perfect for those looking for a cost effective alternative to replacing your fixtures. Whether you want to refinish your stained tub, change the color, or repair damage, you can count on our expert service for a job that is seamless, thorough, and fast.

You can trust our company as our workers are fully insured, and we have over 30 years experience refurbishing tubs and fixtures. We warranty our work, and if for any reason the work is not perfect, we will come back and make sure it is to your satisfaction. Tubs, showers and sinks come in a variety of different materials and coatings. We know how to distinguish and prime these fixtures for the most seamless and durable coating job. Bathtubs that are refinished professionally will look beautiful, last you years and save you thousands of dollars in renovation.

If you are a homeowner or a rental apartment property manager in Orange County, we can help you find the most cost effective solution for your bathroom remodeling needs. Bathroom maintenance in a rental unit is easy and effective. We recommend our reconditioning services for those who see a lot of use, rust and stain discoloration on their tubs.

For those looking to replace their damaged tile, reglazing and refurbishing tile is a cheap way to give new life to your kitchen or bathroom. Whether you want to save money or just don’t want to go through the headache of a tile replacement project, we can refinish it to look like new again. The tile is polished and recoated to a new shine. Want an original bathroom renovation idea? We can recolor your tile to any color you want, and we can even create the illusion of patterned tile with our tile stenciling service! This work is completely waterproof and wonderful for the budget renovator.

For those with damaged formica, porcelain, cultured marble or fiberglass countertops, dread no more! We can also repair countertops to look seamless again.

Don’t wait until the damage is too great! If your tub or shower pan is cracked and leaking, this could cost you a pretty penny in renovation costs. We are available for an emergency quick fix if you must use your tub before a refinishing can take place.


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