Use and Care



This process is a deep cleaning, so care & maintenance is simple. To keep it free of stains, clean weekly. Use normally but understand leaving metal cans on wet surfaces can deep stain with rust and need deep cleaning again to remove the stain.

Reglazing & RepairS

  1. Clean only with a soft cloth or sponge using soap and water or safe cleaners like Joy or Dawn dish soap, 409, Fantastik, & Glass Plus Only. DO NOT USE Ajax, Comet, Tilex, Lime Away, CLR or Bleach.
  2. DO NOT USE Liquid Plummer, drain cleaning liquids or dry crystals to clear clogged drains. Use a plunger or a plumber’s snake.
  3. Do not leave bars of soap, shampoo bottles, shaving cream cans, etc. on the surface for long periods of time. They can stain and soften the surface. Leaving metal cans on wet surfaces can cause rust stains and would need repair.
  4. Do not allow faucets to drip; this can erode the finish. Do not leave recoated surfaces to remain wet for a long period of time. Dry out after each use; this mostly applies to kitchen sinks. (DO NOT leave dishes in sink for too long)
  5. Do not place rubber mats of self-adhesive stickers on the surface. They can damage the surface.
  6. If heavy or sharp objects are dropped on the surface with enough force to chip, cut, or crack the surface, CALL US QUICKLY to repair these damages before soaps, oil, etc. get under the recoated surface and enlarge the damaged area and increase the expense of the repair.
  7. CLEAN REGULARLY To maintain appearances and improve the coating’s resistance of wear and tear by soap and hard water, you may periodically wax the finish with a car wax once a year. This can extend the life of your finish dramatically and make cleaning even easier.

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